Our Commitment To You

In partnering with us we offer a partnership with total transparency allowing us to journey together and grow as changes dictate industry standards and requirements.

We commit to a highly professional service and installation with open communication to ensure targets are achieved and goals are met to ensure minimum downtime for our clients.

We always take our clients needs to heart and will deliver on our commitments with a high level of project management.

We will not compromise our integrity or jepordise our clients with inferior products, thus we ensure a high level of product quality to our valued clients.

We have highly skilled personel which understands customer satisfaction and the importance of solution delivery on time.

Company Overview

As a key system integrator, we understand that infrastructure cabling, backbone connectivity, wireless networks, access control, CCTV monitoring along with all aspects of system integration is a vendor independant process………a process that is integral in meeting business operational needs of our clients.

Our Vision

To keep abreast of the latest technologies, providing the best Infrastructure Solutions possible to our clients both now and well into the future.

Our Mission
  • To deliver a consistently high standard of workmanship, after sales service, client support and quality control services.
  • To provide specialized consulting to our clients ever changing needs.
  • To provide high quality, cost effective networking Infrastructure Solutions according to industry standards.

Quality Policy

To work according to internationally recognised standards.

  • To ensure that all our employees are adequately equipped and trained to perform their required duties in a highly professional manner.
  • To remain true to our beliefs / values with regard to our clients, our suppliers and our employees.
  • To create an overall awareness of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


It is not our aim to be the biggest infrastructure vendor in south Africa, but rather strive to offer the best service possible to our valued clients.

We aim to be one of the most reputable organisations.

We build our positive culture based on 5 principals namely:

  • Ethical business with both our clients and our vendors
  • Recognition of our valuable teams performance on an individual basis
  • To ensure a top quality solution design, Implementation and installation service
  • Promote honesty and transparency in our business dealings
  • Last but not least, total customer satisfaction through our unwavering unselfish commitment to service.